How the 2008 Crisis Spawned the SMA Industry

If you’ve been poking around on our website a bit, you’ll have seen a great deal of information on secondary market annuities. You’ll also note that we are often looking to Nathaniel Pulsifer and Bryan Anderson as experts in this field…why? Because they not only have extensive experience in the SMA industry, but the are very generous with their knowledge and are willing to share much of what they know. They truly are great people.

Nathaniel also happens to to run the largest clearing house of SMA options available to the public – so, he’s basically the “go to” source when it comes to everything SMA. That inventory of assets is used both by institutional players as well as the general public.

Here’s an excerpt from a brief article on Nathaniel’s site, that discusses how this unique investment opportunity evolved from an institution-only product, to one that offers tremendous potential for everyday investors looking for safe-money solutions to their retirement needs.

Structured Settlements And The Credit Markets

It all stems from the credit crisis of 2008.  Selling future payments for cash today to factoring companies has been an ongoing business for decades.  But most factoring companies were either backed by a few wealthy individuals or by bank credit lines known as warehouse lines.

But along came the credit crisis of 2008, and even perfectly profitable and healthy businesses had their lines of credit shut off as banks went into turmoil.

Thus, a window of opportunity opened for individuals to purchase these future payments through advisers with relationships to various other factoring companies, at yields that far exceed comparable safe money alternatives. See full article (affiliate link)

Find out more about the advantages of buying secondary market annuities from, our informative website focused on the world of factored structured settlements.