About Us

Thank you for visiting the SMA Secure Assets website, my name is Brett Turner and I am the owner and operator of this website.

I’m a “web developer” by trade and have been in the internet industry since….well, almost since there WAS an internet! Haha. I began a small online store with my father around 1995 selling hand-made arts and crafts online. We built the  store with an online software platform called Yahoo store.

I soon began to try my hand at building sites “from scratch” and eventually I found that people were willing to pay me more for my services as a web developer than as an online merchant, so I transitioned into becoming a full time web developer around 1998 or thereabouts.

Exactly Why Did I Build This Site?

After many years in the industry, I’m still employed in web development and project management, and this site is part of a few side projects that I have started to help my wife and I make ends meet.

I became acquainted with Nathaniel Pulsifer and secondary market annuities quite by accident. His organization contacted me through another site that I own in the financial sector, and asked if I would be interested in joining their affiliate program to help promote SMAs.

At the time I had ABSOLUTELY no idea what a secondary market annuity was, or how anyone could possibly benefit from investing in them, but I was willing look, listen and learn. Once I did a bit of research into SMAs, and Nathaniel’s business in particular, I was immediately interested and impressed – not only with the opportunity presented by SMAs for investors, but with Nathaniel and his colleagues. As you will discover for yourself if you peruse this site, they are market leaders in this little-known  and highly specialized investment strategy.

I admit I haven’t invested in SMAs myself (yet), but having spoken to Nathaniel a couple of times on the phone, and even more often by email, I give him a truly unqualified “great guy” status! He has been incredibly friendly and helpful to me personally in launching this site, and is willing to bend over backward for affiliates of his core business. I have no doubt he treats his clients with same genuine spirit of helpfulness and old fashioned courtesy and respect.

Thanks so much for visiting this site. I sincerely hope you find enough value here to pique your interest in the secondary annuity market, and make the acquaintance of Nathaniel Pulsifer and his dedicated associates.

~B. Turner